Lynellens on the Net

For a million years I thought I was the only person in the world named Lynellen. But I'm not!! Here are some of the others..we'll make our own little clique. I wonder if the Kabalarian Philosophy interpretation of Lynellen holds true for all the other Lynellens out there...

LynEllen Clary creates prayer pillows.

Lynellen Hutchison has a class webpage for St Paul the Apostle School in Grand Rapids, MI

Lynellen Matthews was the Secretary at Adams Elementary School in Raleigh, NC.

Lynellen Alger is the Spec.Ed.Asst. at Killingworth Elementary School in Connecticut.

Lynellen Sullivan used to be County Chair for the Republican Party of Texas, in Corpus Christi.

Lynellen Watson used to work at Berkely Labs in CA.

Lynellen Nielsen is the Vice President of Business Strategies at

Lynellen Kurtze used to be the IVCF contact at Calvary Bible Church in Flagstaff

Lynellen Bueter (Thomas) is the daughter of a woman who died in 2000.

Lynellen Bennett Bueter (Same person as above??) is looking for info about her Taylor ancestry.

Lynellen Romero also lost her mom in 2000.

Lynellen Allsbrow Peake was born in 1943.

Lynellen Thornblad Burkett was a music theory major at Indiana University in 1993.

Lynellen Jane Cooper was born in 1955.

Lynellen Schloss used to be the Office Manager of the Office of Waste and Chemicals Management in Seattle

Lynellen White is in the geneaology of the Hart familiy.

Clinton Hunter is the son of Evelyn Lynellen Lanham Hunter.

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