Part Of Speech Tagging Links

Computation and Language E-print archive

Association for Mathematics of Language (MOL) is a SIG of the ACL.

Research Interests of Claire Cardie has some publications of interest.

Eugene Charniak's Home Page has Statistical Language Processing publications in postscript that can be downloaded.

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Computational Linguistics and language Engineering has links about syntactic formalisms, mathematical linguistics, logic programming, morphology, corpus linguistics, logic, statistics, language engineering, semantics, machine translation, discource, computer assisted language learning, among other things.

Corpus Linguistics at University of Birmingham, UK. Has links to a bunch of resources, like E-Print Archive, mailings lists, servers, other www pages, etc.

Lecture Notes about Statistical natural language processing: theory and practice. contains info about probability and information theory, statistical estimation, word sense disambiguation, hidden markov models, context free grammars.

Linguist's guide to statistics

A syntax-based part-of-speech analyser

Grouping words using statistical context

A note on Zipf's law, natural languages, and noncoding DNA regions

A fast partial parse of natural language sentences using a connectionist method

Automatic processing of proper names in texts

Corpus statistics meet the noun compound: some empirical results

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