My Online Photo Album

Pictures of Lyn


Lyn in a leather jacket (1992)

Lyn in a green dress (1992)

Lyn in a blue dress

Lyn's Senior picture from College (1992)

Lyn in 1989 Miss T.E.E.N. Virginia Pagent (Lyn's the one on the far right...3rd runner up!)

Lyn in 8th grade

Lyn in 9th grade

Lyn in 10th grade

GMU ID, 1993

More recent pictures:
Black shawl (1996)

denim (1996)

feathers (1996)

white (1996)

Lyn in April '97

Halloween '97

Kentucky, 2006

Mike & Lyn on "Mars", 2007

Lyn as an M&M character

Wedding: Mike & Lyn

Wedding Party

Other family

Dennis Perry (Dad!)

Linda Perry (Mom!)

My Pet Unicorn :-)

My Prince charming puppy (August 1996)

Prince in December 1996

Prince in July 1997

Some of My Friends

Richard Yates
Weekend at Disney Land upon graduating from U.S. Navy bootcamp.
Richard smiling
At the San Diego beach
Graduation from Air Crew school.
Karl & Richard left to right.

Shannon and her cat Bismarck

Michael and also a more recent of Michael and again.