Orion P-3 Aircraft Videos

YouTube videos and others. I will make every effort to give credit where due.

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  Movie of P-3 arriving at an airfield.

Formation pass at airshow (by otonobubu):

2006 Atlantic City Airshow "Thunder Over the Boardwalk" by airshowfansh

2005 Marlborough Airshow flyover by evilkiwibeer

Japanese P-3 on ground and in flight over the Pacific Ocean, from inside the cockpit, then landing. By exp999

P-3 rigging some ships. by oldbbstacker

Compilation of P-3 taking off, rigging a ship, flyover a submarine. Video by "Combat Air Crew 3, Patrol Squadron 8", posted to YouTube by jduborion

P-3 crew dancing by the sonobuoy rack, by P3TED

P-3 crew eating in the galley and at their station, by P3TED

Same user. Short video of flares.

P-3 "Top Gun" spoof by jasonc1001

Extremely "Low Pass" by Dutch P-3 (or the last part of takeoff :). Video by pseudo96

Dive and "Low Pass" by Royal New Zealand P-3. Video by kenny95258

Dutch Orion P-3 on the coast of the North Sea. Video posted by HGuijt

French Mirage off the wing of a Dutch P-3. Video posted by nijkair

Flying near a beach with sheep. Video posted by ovuigner

High-speed flyby at 2006 Richmond Airshow. Video posted by Maverik8888

and taking off at same airshow by same user.

Flyby. Video posted by nzshan3

Another flyby. Same user.

Video of plane 773 at Brunswick Naval Air Station; plane takes off, next pass opens bomb bay doors for simulated bombing run, lands plane and pops flag out of top window. Video posted by Needsmoreritalin

P-3 doing Touch and Go. Video posted by tonysilva727

Fly by of Aero Union P-3 Tanker. Video posted by rhinehart1969

P-3 Tanker doing slurry run. Video posted by bmk35

Slideshow and video clips of VP-40 deployment, including missile fire. Video posted by hatchboy

Search and Rescue off Guam, VP8 Combat Crew 3. Video posted by jduborion

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