Orion P-3 Aircraft Photos

These are images that I've collected from around the Internet in addition to some that I've scanned in myself from originals. I will make every effort to give credit where due.

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Miscellaneous P-3 Orions

Joint Service Open House

2001, Andrews Air Force Base
  • NOAA hurrican hunter wing, belly, and brag list of hurricanes the plane has flown through. (All photos by Lynellen D. S. Perry)

P-3s in Japan

P-3s at Diego Garcia

P-3s at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington

P-3s at NAS Jacksonville, Florida

P-3s at NAS Sigonella, Sicily

P-3s in Hawaii

P-3s in the Persian Gulf

Canadian P-3s (aka CP-140 Aurora)

P-3s of the Netherlands

Royal Australian Air Force P-3s

  • Taxiing along with an old paint-scheme. P3-C update 2 aircraft, with AQS-901 fitted, 10 Squadron Aircraft, based at RAAF Base Edinburgh, South Australia. The emblem painted on the vertical stabilizer is a Japanesse Chimera. (found January 25, 2002, at http://www.geocities.com/geo0156/milipicsp3o.html?992574671597)

New Zealand P-3s

  • This nicely painted Kiwi P-3 just finished a stern-to-bow "rig" of a ship, and appears to have a spotlight just past its number 4 engine. (Found 22 December 2001 at http://www.geocities.com/williamsr_98/)

Argentina's P-3s

  • Note the rudder paint on this plane. (Found 22 December 2001 at http://www.combataircraft.com/aircraft/sp3.asp. Photo appears to be credited to Jorge Albanese.)

P-3s and their Weapons

P-3s out in the Weather

Over the Water and On Station

Up in the Sky...its a bird, its a plane!

P-3s "Just Sitting Around"

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