People often complain that most personal home pages don't offer anything new to the net. So this page lists some of the term papers I've written, and other original contributions of mine to the net.

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Virtual Reality Interfaces

An Investigation of Current Virtual Reality Interfaces is a term paper for Human-Computer Interaction, written in April 1995. (51k)

Computer Supported Cooperative Work


Testing the Usability of Synchronous Computer-Supported Cooperative Work Products was written in July of 1994 for a special topics class in Software Engineering, on Usability. (28k)

Natural Language Processing

Estimation of N-gram Probabilities was written in the summer of 1994 as a literature review in the area of n-grams or collocations for an independent study course in NLP. (17k)

But ''Propeller'' is a Verb! is an article that Dr. Lois Boggess and I submitted to the COLING96 conference. It didn't make it in to the workshop area, so here it is on the web (in POSTSCRIPT). This has more detail and further work than the paper we wrote for FLAIRS96 . The summary for this paper is as follows:

Part of speech taggers have error rates in the three to five percent range. For researchers and developers who wish to use part of speech taggers in practical information extraction systems, the news about error rate is both better than and worse than the 3-5 per cent figure would indicate. We show why the relevant error for practical systems is lower than the figures cited in the reseacth literature, and why, even so, the error remains a major factor in information extraction. We identify one of the most prevelant sources of non-trivial error produced by the rule-based tagger used in our system: part of speech confusions involving non-modifying verbs (i.e., verbs in main-verb positions). We also present a tool which can more accurately identify non-modifying verbs than the tagger alone. The domain of this research is the development of a tool which automatically generates indices for scientific journal articles in order to aid human expert document analysts at a major information service site.
Subject Keywords: part of speech tagging, information retreival, corpus based linguistics

Intelligent Agents

Emotion in Intelligent Agents was written in October 1995 as a position paper for a class on Intelligent Systems. Basically, the assignment was, "Why would emotions be useful to have (be specific), what system would this be useful for, and what would it take to give a system this capability". (11k) This has now been published in Crossroads, the Association for Computing Machinery Student Magazine. Link to it here

The Turing test

The Turing test is a paper Lyn wrote September 1995 as a position paper for the above class on Intelligent Systems. The assignment was to discuss the adequacy of the Turing test and how we could measure intelligenct systems if not with the Turing test. (8k)

For now, these files are text files, (hopefully with out too many formatting messes). More papers will be added as time and space permit.

Preliminary Exam Questions

In February, 1997, I took and passed the preliminary exam for my Ph.D. degree in Computer Scince. You can look at the responses that i wrote.

Biblical Studies Term Papers

A term paper about Gamaliel and his advice in Acts 5.

A term paper about Atonement.

A term paper about Interpretation of Torah.

A term paper about the Jewishness of Baptism. Also, an essay about baptism for a mid-term exam, and a list of verses about baptism.

A term paper about the comparison between the Four Living creatures and the Four Horsemen of the Seals.

A term paper about the relationship between the Four Living Creatures and the four sons of horus (of canopic lid fame).

A short reaction to the application of Source Criticism methodology to Genesis 12-24.

An analysis of Isaiah 40-66

A short paper about Ushabtis and glazing

Philosophy 101 Short papers

The problem of evil.

A short paper about free will and determinism.

Short paper about returning wrong for wrong

Short paper about assisted suicide


Paranoia, a poem of sorts.



Role Playing

I've written the beginnings of an addition to White Wolf's world of _Vampire: the Masquerade_. Here's a basic description of this new character class, the Children of the Light.

Fiction I've written

Hayride (under the name Lynellen D.S.P. Smith)

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