Joint Service Open House 2001

Andrews Air Force Base

My first air show. Would have been perfect if it hadn't kept raining off and on. Because of the clouds and the rain, the ceiling was only 500 feet...that put a huge damper on the air show since many of the 'acts' decided not to fly.

There were a lot of planes, but here are the only ones I took pictures of (ALL photos on this page were taken by me, Lynellen D. S. Perry. You're welcome to use them in any way... just host it on your own site.):

  • NOAA hurrican hunter wing, belly, and brag list of hurricanes the plane has flown through.
  • VQ-1 EP-3E on static display: nose, wing, 156514, and tail.
  • The EC-130 is an Air Force plane that flies psychological warfare missions. The plane is basically a flying transmission station (video, audio, you name it and they can transmit it). You probably can't see it too well, but the outer pods are antenaes, the inner pods are fuel tanks, the wings on the tail are antennas too. Rear, front.
  • C-5 Galaxy. You wouldn't believe how huge this thing is.
  • The C-17 is another heavy-lift transporter.
  • F-117 Stealth Fighter: nose, tail, and front. This plane was guarded by armed soldiers.
  • The 82nd Airborne did a cool jump from about 500 feet... there were four layers of parachutes in the air at once.

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