I am a freelance editor for Christian fiction and non-fiction.

I charge $1.00 per 100 words. Contact me to inquire as to my current availability.

Books I have edited:

  1. “Wisdom to Know” by Elizabeth Maddrey
  2. “Not Guilty” by Teresa Pollard and Candi Pullen
  3. “Courage to Change” by Elizabeth Maddrey
  4. “Tokens of Promise” by Teresa Pollard
  5. “Fiery Secrets” by Stephanie McCall
  6. “Serenity to Accept” by Elizabeth Maddrey
  7. “Hear No Evil” by Mary Hamilton
  8. “Joint Venture” by Elizabeth Maddrey
  9. “The Sheep Walker’s Daughter” by Sydney Avey
  10. “Promise of a Future” by Stephanie McCall
  11. “Worth the Wait” by Laura Jackson
  12. “Faith Departed” by Elizabeth Maddrey
  13. “A Message to Deliver” by Jeremiah Peters
  14. “Marriage Takes Three” by G.E. Hamlin
  15. “Hope Deferred” by Elizabeth Maddrey
  16. “Speak No Evil” by Mary Hamilton
  17. “The Lyre and the Lambs” by Sydney Avey
  18. “Watercolor Dreams” by Sherry Kyle
  19. “Love Defined” by Elizabeth Maddrey
  20. “Worth the Time” by Laura Jackson
  21. “The Visitor” by Wendy Reese
  22. “Walk Through the Valley: Christian Encouragement for you Journey through Infertility” multi-author devotional
  23. “See No Evil” by Mary Hamilton
  24. “Not Ashamed” by Teresa Pollard and Candi Pullen
  25. “Mrs. Covington’s Sunday School Dropouts” by Connie Pease
  26. “Body by Blood” by Patrick Johnston
  27. “Woman of Light” by Teresa Pollard
  28. Several short-story anthologies:
    1. “Out of the Storm”
    2. “Dancing in the Storm”
    3. “A Bit of Christmas”
  29. “Nowhere for Christmas” by Heather Gray
  30. “Hands Off My Food!: How government and industry have corrupted our food and easy ways to fight back” by Sina McCullough
  31. “Finding Home” by Caroline Denny
  32. “Shattered by Death” by Catherine Finger
  33. “Cleansed by Death” by Catherine Finger
  34. “A Heart Restored” by Elizabeth Maddrey
  35. “Friends and Enemies” by Terri Wangard
  36. “No Neutral Ground” by Terri Wangard
  37. “Fateful Fall” by Erin Unger
  38. “Daily Contentment with God” by Howard Ford